Queer Ass Folk

QAF the UK version was great. The American version started off as an American version of THAT show filmed in Canada. The only GOOD episodes of the US QAF are the ones that used UK QAF scripts.

The show is entirely offensive and misleading, not to mention embarassing. My roomie tivo’d the season premiere this Monday, and I turned it on coz nothing was on at 5am when I was ironing…

…and when one character put on 10 lbs. LITERALLY – and EVERY SINGLE FUCKING CHARACTER on the show started referring to him as FAT…and he found a guy who liked him – but the guy was some fucking PSYCHO HOSEBEAST that was into ‘fatties’ – as if being attracted to thick men is some kind of criminal offense or at the very LEAST incredibly weird (that’s certainly how it was portrayed – especially when he started to try and force feed pizza this character to make him ‘fatter’)

…I nearly threw the iron through the TV.

It’s all well and good that they provide a LATE COMING disclaimer as far as what they’re portraying, but they’ve completely lost touch with reality and write the show as if THEY are the characters…unaware of anything else going on in society and hepped on crystal meth. As if every gay man desire’s a child through two whiny lesbians who are broken up but hide it – for NO discernable reason.

And for the person who’s saying, “They can’t portray EVERY type of gay man” that’s fine.

But how about portraying MORE THAN ONE?? Fucking hell, the show needs to be cancelled. And saying it’s the ‘final season’ is not enough – it needs to be obliterated before they’re allowed to hit an ultimate low in the series finale.

Oh…and the writing is TIRED and pedestrian…ALWAYS.

To top it all off, it’s filmed in Toronto – where I live, literally, and I just find it EXTRA embarassing because of that.

And before people display their ‘tolerance’ and ‘intelligence’ by saying it’s a dramatization and therefore should be over the top – I agree, but not in resoundingly negative and offputting ways.

This is a show made for housewives who stay up late on Monday nights and are tired of Young & The Restless reruns, not gay men.

I guess it’s akin to Dallasites hating “Dallas” for it’s ridiculous portrayal of Texans in the Oil Industry. Thing was – that wasn’t written by oil tycoons. And neither was Dynasty.

QAF, however, is indeed ‘written’ by homosexuals. So why is it so completely off base and insulting to me?

hate tv rant


~ by seangstm on May 31, 2005.

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