…bathe in my hatred.


1. Your given name: Sean
2. A random ‘Indian’ name you would like to be called: Two-Dogs Fucking
3. What color are your eyes? blue
4. Do your eyes change colors when your mood changes? not that I’ve noticed
5. Do you like getting mail (via snail-mail)? sure, why not
6. Do you accept yourself the way you are? for the most part
7. Do you talk to yourself? yes, I’m not busy, I’ll listen….and I’ll never say anything to hurt my feelings
8. Have you ever used a copy machine? Yep – every day.
9. a/s/l? Huh?
10. What do you want to be when you “grow up”? Proud of my life and without regret
11. Do you like our current president? He’s not MY president, first of all – but no, he’s a douchebag
12. What is your favorite subject in history? Egypt, Greece, Rome…
13. Does world domination appeal to you? Indeed…indeed.
14. Are people afraid of letting others get to know them? Sure…?
15. Is that why we have so few real friends? I think so.
16. Have you ever cried on someones shoulder? Not literally, but figuratively
17. Have you ever had your shoulder cried on? Yes
18. Have you ever played MASH and gotten the perfect life? Um…I have no idea what you’re talking about.
19. Who is your role model? I don’t really have one…
20. Thoughts on Eminem? Catchy hooks
21. Thoughts on black & white M&M’s? WHITE POWER!
22. Do you know your birthstone? Amethyst
23. If you could pick a holiday to be born on, what would it be? Halloween
24. What is your favorite font/color to type in? Tahoma/Black
25. What color best describes you at this moment? peach with a tinge of blue
26. Is/was Marylin Monroe pretty? Sure, whatever…
27. Is beauty everything? No, not at all.
28. Does sugar really make you hyper, or do you just think it does? Yeah, it does – definitely.
29. Is caffeine addictive? Yes.
30. Do you care enough about someone to talk to them about smoking/drugs/drinking (excessively)? Yeah, sure.
31. Assess the validity of this statement; “The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.” Invalid fucking entry…
32. What is your favorite book? Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut
33. What is the last book that you read (completely) that changed the way you view yourself or the world? Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut
34. How many people do you have on your buddy list right now(if applicable)? 85
35. What is your favorite universal language (ie. hugs, smiles, math…)? grope
36. What is your favorite reading material? Internet
37. What is your favorite drink? English Breakfast tea with no milk right now.
38. What is your favorite smell? Freshly washed clothes.
39. Do you believe in the supernatural (aliens, ghosts…)? A bit, yeah.
40. Do you have any scars? Care to tell us the story (stories)? Left eyebrow, bitten by dog when I was 5 or so, chin – don’t remember…left arm, sliced it open on a clothes rack at Eatons (no lie).
41. Where do you go to ‘get away from it all’? my room with my big headphones on
42. Do you think Feng Shui works? never has for me.
43. Does the phrase “mind over matter” have any validity? Yes, indeed.
44. What is your favorite quote? “What’s up with you guys?” – terrible inside joke…
45. Have you read Shakespeare? Favorite play? Yes, love Bill. Titus Andronicus is my favourite. Movie wasn’t half bad, either.
46. What is your favorite nickname (doesn’t have to be yours)? Karen….see #44
47. Have you named your unborn children? What are their names? Get bent, assmonkey.
48. Are you materialistic? (Would you cry if your favorite thing got broken?) If it’s something I’ve worked for and love, yeah. but not anything based purely on it’s material value.
49. What is something that determines your mood (smells, colors…)? sunny days, rainy days, kinda..not really.
50. Do you believe in magic? Like Paul Daniel’s magic? David Copperfield magic? No, not for a second.

1. :-)/:-(: :o)
2. red/blue: blue
3. right/left handed: right
4. watch/no watch: no watch
5. AIM/Y! Messenger: Both
6. Paint/Photoshop: photoshop
7. religious/spiritual: spiritual
8. weird/original: original
9. hug/kiss: hug…and kiss…can’t decide.
10. Raiders/49ers: assclowns!
11. snail/e-mail: E
12. PC/laptop: PC
13. 18/21 (which do you consider adulthood, or neither?): Adulthood is not a number
14. hot/cold: cold
15. foggy/muggy: foggy
16. spring/fall: fall
17. abstract/realism (art): abstract
18. classical/rock: rock
19. long/short hair: short, generally.
20. po-tay-to/po-tah-to: tay
21. fancy stationary/binder paper: None.
22. 3 Musketeers/Milky Way: Skor (frozen)
23. paperclips/safety pins: paperclips
24. health/beauty: health
25. diet/regular soda: Diet

wHeN wAs ThE lAsT tImE yOu…
1. …blew bubbles in milk? last week. LOL
2. …spoke in pig-latin? never
3. …made eye contact with someone you like? Saturday night
4. …felt smart? all the time
5. …counted your fingers and toes, just to make sure they’re still there? Never
6. …lay under the stars and thought about something not to do with you? Huh?
7. …thought about your future? not really into planning…
8. …sprained something? Can’t recall.
9. …told a half-truth or a whole lie? Last night
10. …had no homework? Um…
11. …gave someone something that you could not replace? Hmmm…can’t think of an answer…
12. …were nice to someone you don’t like? everyday at work.
13. …agreed with your parents? a week ago
14. …gave up? Last Friday
15. …kept trying? All the time
16. …accepted someone for what they are? always, at least i try to
17. …gossiped? hmmm…not recently.
18. …gave someone a hug, just because? Can’t remember.
19. …smiled? This morning
20. …had hot cocoa? At least a year
21. …made chocolate chip cookies? 10 years
22. …found hope in nature? Hmm…need to look at it more often, actually.
23. …questioned yourself? Once in a while.
24. …forgot something? yesterday
25. …had a ‘senior moment’? last night hooking up my webcam
26. …thanked your parents? Last night
27. …wrote someone a thank you card? I usually tell them
28. …randomly took a friend something to cheer them up when they were feeling low? a month ago
29. …missed innocence? rarely
30. …realized that it’s not all about you? More often than I care to recall. đŸ˜‰

WhAt DoEs ThIs CoLoR rEmInD yOu Of?
1. blue: water
2. red: firs
3. yellow: the sun
4. orange: halloween
5. gray: rain
6. black: night
7. white: this
8. purple: survey
9. tan: fucking
10. green: BLOWS!

DONE! Christ…


~ by seangstm on June 1, 2005.

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