The last person who…

Slept in your bed: Um…some guy from Black Eagle. No sex, though. Odd…
Saw you cry: Can’t recall
Made you cry: Can’t recall
You went to the movies with: My mum. đŸ™‚
You went to the mall with: My mum. đŸ™‚

Have You Ever…

Said “I Love You” and meant it: Yep
Gotten in a fight with your pet: Don’t have a pet
Been to California: No
Been to Mexico: No
Been to China: No
Been to Canada: Yes
Been to Europe: Yes
Danced naked: Not that I know of…
Wished you were the opposite sex: No
Do you have a crush on someone: Yes
Book you are reading: Not reading a book at the moment
Worst feeling in the world: Loneliness
What’s under your bed: A WHOLE bunch of crap
Location: Work
Piercings/Tattoos: Eyebrow and used to have tongue
Do you drink: Yep
most afraid of: Star Jones
Where do you want to get married: Don’t think I want to necessarily – the location would be inconsequential.
Who do you really hate: Nobody
Do u have a job: Yes.
Do you like being around people: Yes.
Have you ever liked someone you have no chance with? Everyone has.
Are you lonely right now? No.
Song that’s stuck in your head a lot: Dallas theme…

Have you ever-

Been in love: No.
Played strip poker: No
Gotten beaten up: No
Pulled an all nighter: Yep
Been on radio/tv: Yep
Been in a mosh-pit: No
Do you have any gay/lesbian friends: Duh…

In the last 24 Hours have you…

Cried: No
Bought something: No
Gotten sick: No
Sang: Yep
Been kissed: No
Had sex: No…how sad…
Felt stupid: Sure
Talked to an ex: No
Missed someone: No
Hugged someone: No


~ by seangstm on June 10, 2005.

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