Leapin’ Lizards

Had a fantastic, fun-filled and feverish few days.

That sentence is gross.

My friend and former roomie Nicole (I think the only person I have lived with that I am still friends with – actually, no…there’s Jeff, who I’m still close with…nevermind). We hung out, got loaded, then stoned and just chilled out and laughed. The usual.
Saturday we got up early and went for breakfast at Fran’s. Nice greasy spoon-type meal, more food than I should have had…yadda, yadda.
Then Nicole offered to drive me to Waterloo – as I was supposed to be going to visit
M. SCORE! So we go back home, I pack and we’re off.
Spent Saturday lounging in and out of the pool in various states of intoxication, none of which held a candle to the boyfriend who looked more and more like Karen Allen in Radiers of the Lost Ark during her introduction scene. Sexier, though. Nice…
Had a terrific day, although the headache I received in the middle of the night was not fun.
It did make me realize, however, that I need a pool. I need one. I have to get one. I need a pool or some other sort of large water receptacle; like a hole or large teacup.
BTW, have you seen the greatest teapot ever…? For sale at IKEA. It comes with the tea strainer built in. I have been informed that this is common place, but seeing it three months ago, sitting on the shelf at the Etobicoke IKEA, was the equivalent of a caveman seeing fire for the first time.
I need to get it but cannot justify purchasing it when I have a gorgeous Chinese one from my aunt who taught in Hong Kong during the late 70s. I also have a perfectly functional tea strainer already. *sigh*

And yes, I know there are children in hot countries without the benefit of tea strainers or teapots…so shut up.

Back to my point – had a wicked time, swimming for 4 hours straight was KICK ASS. Also, the boyfriend’s friends are all enjoyable and friendly, aside from one hiccup – I found out later the person wasn’t a friend of his. LOL Sweet.

I feel like writing about Thundercats again…


~ by seangstm on August 8, 2005.

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