A New Look…

Well, as you may have noted, unless you’re clinically braindead…The Fortress has a new look. I don’t know if I’m completely sold on it, but I just spent about an hour tweaking it and I’ve come to the conclusion that there is some top-notch turd polishing going on here. In any event, don’t fret – I’ve still got the old template and will change it back when I inevitably get tired of being more/less than status quo. Booyah. A stitch in time saves nine.

Also, in modifying the look, I changed some of the settings. You can now leave comments even if you don’t have a blogger.com account. Nice! Coz the only joy I get out of life is having inane comments about the total and utter bullshit I barf on people fill up my inbox. Heehee!

Managed to watch another episode of Dallas last night, after swimming and before my friend Glen came over for our weekly magnum of $12 wine and a Match Game marathon, bookended by episodes of Coronation Street. Did I mention I was gay? Well, I am…not Charles Nelson Reilly Gay, mind you, but I do like some hoonany from a boy. One particular boy, in fact…um, nevermind. Anyway, Glen and I love old 60s and 70s style drunken/rat pack type humour, especially peppered with veiled gay references, so our collective heroes are Brett Somers and the aforementioned Mr. Reilly.

GENE – “I’m going to catch your cold!”
CHARLES – “Not in that outfit…”

Anyway, anyway, anyway…back to my point – in honour of Barbara Bel Geddes unfortunate passing and the release of the latest boxset of Dallas episodes, I’m going to start writing ‘mini-recaps’ of the ones I watch.

At this moment, however, I’m going to ask that my boyfriend turn away because I really don’t want to ruin these for him as I fully intend to go back and rewatch them with his fine self…so ignore the dark text, please. 🙂

What Ever Happened to Baby John I – Sue Ellen returns from the hospital and JR III stays because he’s premature. She doesn’t want to know anything about the baby and doesn’t really care to speak to anyone. Cliff is determined to get the baby back and Pam is trying to get him to slow down or he’ll drive Sue Ellen back to the sanitarium. When Sue Ellen is finally convinced to go to the hospital to see the baby, they find out its been kidnapped.

What Ever Happened to Baby John II – Bobby is convinced that Cliff kidnapped the baby, but is soon proven wrong as Cliff spearheads the effort to find HIS child. Jock kis contacted about retrieving the baby and told to go to City Hall, but this turns out to be a crank call. JR is contacted by Willy Jo Garr (one of the men who were convicted of Julie Grey’s murder) and told that he wants a million dollars to secure the release of the baby. Meanwhile, Bobby, Cliff and Pam discover the baby was taken by a woman who’d lost her own premature baby the same day. As JR is about to give Willy Jo the money, Bobby phones and tells him he’s got the baby back. JR threatens to kill Willy Jo brandishing a hand gun. Willy Jo swears revenge (one of many red herrings in the who shot JR plotline, actually…fun times).

The Silent Killer – Digger returns and collapses in Cliff’s apartment. They discover he has a hereditary disease that both Cliff and Pam carry. It means a child could die within 6 months of being born, much to Pam’s dismay. She and Bobby try anyway, as she can’t bring herself to tell him. JR III returns home as Sue Ellen is finding that she isn’t really into being a mother as much as Pam is. Pam is concered about John Ross’ health because of her hereditary disease and the possibility of Cliff being the child’s father.

Secrets – Valene (Lucy’s mother) returns to Dallas after having been run out by JR in Season 2. She tries to rekindle her relationship with Lucy, but Lucy won’t have any part of it (still believing that her mother willingly took the money from JR, when in fact it was a payoff to ensure she never returned). Pam is still torn between telling Bobby about her disease or giving him the child he so desires. She dotes over John Ross which Bobby notices. He cannot understand why she doesn’t want to try to have a baby and confronts her. She can’t bring herself to tell him. Valene enlists Bobby’s help to get through to Lucy. He brings her to visit Lucy at the highschool athletic field, but it spotted by JR. Sue Ellen and JR butt heads again, and he cruelly suggests she pick up drinking again. She also refuses to have anything to do with the baby other than the occasional glance into the crib. JR attempts to railroad Valene out of Dallas again, but is overheard by Bobby and Lucy, at which point the girl forgives her mother.

Turrah! xo


~ by seangstm on August 11, 2005.

2 Responses to “A New Look…”

  1. I think you’ll like this.

    I have a kittens site/blog. It pretty much covers kittens related stuff.

    Check it out if you get time 🙂

  2. Hmmm…I never realized the potential fun of goofing on people’s comments. Sweet.

    I’m really wondering if this is a spam comment – since the post has ZERO to do with kittens, or if the person posting it is really that unable to comprehend anything.

    At which point did i give any indication that I liked cats…and deducing from there, that I needed a whole SELECTION of cat furniture?

    Interesting logic there.

    Anyway, go check out that cat site. Personally, I think I’ll buy “The Watchtower” and use it as the throne for the pussy that I will never own…

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