Hot Dog Juice

I’m continuing to tweak the blog template; I’ve tried to maintain a standard size of the blog title when visiting other pages, but I’m not entirely sure if it works yet, but I’m tired of trying. I’ve also created link images, instead of text (because I couldn’t get the bullets to match up). You can find the link on the bottom left hand side now…I’ve also added some pages that I like to visit regularly.
Enough of the nerdiness – I have much better things to do, like sit at home and complain…


Tenuta, fag…not Garland.

“My dad was okay. He used to make us hot dog soup. He boil the hot dogs and we’d drink the juice.”

Judy Tenuta is a cult 80s comedienne that my friends Elvis, Glen and I are all quite into. I’ve never really been able to pass on the genius of this Goddess of the Galaxy to anyone else, so I’ve given up trying.

Most people remember her for her crinoline, Peurto-Rican-Prom dresses, always handy I.U.D. (squeezebox) and very LOUD delivery. I can actually understand why some people immediately vomit upon hearing her. Thankfully, I do not…and find her to be a comedic genius of undiscovered proportions.

My mother used to tell me, “Judy, you’ll never amount to anything because you procrastinate.”
And I said, “Just you wait…”

Anyway, anyway, anyway…enough of a Judy Tenuta tangent.
In between swimming, cleaning the kitchen and making pasta and turkey meat sauce, I managed to take in TWO episodes of Dallas, Season 3. Here we go:

The Kristin Affair – Sue Ellen’s younger, sexpot of a sister is catching the eye of JR Ewing. Sue Ellen isn’t so much jealous as she is indifferent to her husband’s activities. On the flipside, JR is quite interested in where Sue Ellen goes off everyday, but she’s not spilling. Pam has been told she’s pregnant and goes to see Cliff Barnes about the disease they both carry. She tells him she wants an abortion, but he wants no part of it. She continues to withhold her pregnancy and hereditary sickness from Bobby. Kristin is about to leave Southfork when she cleverly manages to get a job as JR’s secretary at Ewing Oil. He comes on to her and she rebuffs him, but says she’ll think about it. Ewing Oil is in trouble and JR has to mortgage Southfork to finance a risky offshore oil rig in Asia.

The Dove Hunt – Miss Ellie discovers a lump in her breast, but her doctor tries to convince her to not worry yet. She doesn’t tell Jock in fear of worrying him unneccessarily. JR, Jock, Bobby and Ray go on a hunting trip and are confronted in a bar by an older gentlemen who claims he knows Jock. They brawl and the Ewings continue on their hunting trip. They are attacked and Jock and Jr are both shot, forcing Bobby and Ray to venture in to town to get help. Pam knows that something is wrong with Miss Ellie, but she is tight lipped. Jock tells JR about his first wife, Amanda, who was placed in a mental institution and whom he still finances. He tells JR he needs to go over the books at Ewing Oil and start up a trust fund for Amanda. JR tells him to not bother coming into the office, he can set it up. Bobby and Ray return in time as the group of thugs confront Jock on his past evils, but can’t manage to kill him. When they return to Southfork, JR promises to set up the trust fund as Kristin overhears.

~ by seangstm on August 12, 2005.

2 Responses to “Hot Dog Juice”

  1. I love Judy Tenuta. My fave was when she would talk about her romm mate Blosanne. “I didn’t want to hang around with her but I couldn’t escape her gravitational pull!” Good Stuff

  2. “One day I caught her looking through my closet…and I said, ‘Excuse me, Galaxina…what you lookin’ for? A GLOVE?!”

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