Boring Monday…nothing to say…

Back at work, unfortunately. Ugh. Although swimming everyday is giving me loads of extra energy, sitting at my desk all day is still soul-killing…

…enough about that.
Nothing really exciting to write about at the moment, so I’ll wait till something worthwhile lands in my lap. In the meantime, I managed to watch about 6 episodes of Dallas this weekend, but to prevent myself from appearing extremely lame, I shall say I only watched 3. 🙂

Mastectomy II – Miss Ellie returns home from the hospital and breaks down about her mastectomy. Jock assures her that it doesn’t matter. She brings up his first wife who he put away when she became mentally ill. Sue Ellen continues to see her psychiatrist, much to JR’s dismay. He’s pre-occupied, however, by masterminding Cliff’s campaign for Congress, which would force his resignation from the OLM – intending to cut all funding when the timing is right. He uses the young lawyer, Alan Beam to do it.

The Heiress JR has hired Alan Beam to spearhead Cliff’s Congress campaign. To ensure Cliff doesn’t figure out the scheme, he sets up a fight between JR and Alan in a very public restaurant. Cliff notices and begins to express interestin Alan Beam’s Congress plan. Lucy, however, expresses interest in Alan Beam and the two begin seeing each other. Bobby becomes suspicious about Ewing Oil’s finances when he overhears someone mention an Asian Oil drilling scheme. Realizing the amount of capital such a scheme would require, Bobby begins investigating. Lucy sees Alan Beam meeting up with JR in private. Bobby discovers that JR has mortgaged Southfork to finance the Asian deal. Lucy confronts Alan.


~ by seangstm on August 15, 2005.

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