A message to Joss Stone…

Dear Joss Stone,

…put on some FUCKING SHOES, BITCH!


Despite everyone stating how much soul she has, if she was black, you’d never, EVER hear of her.

She’s ANTI-SOUL. When she meets soul, her anti-soul causes the two to cancel each other out.

For example…if Joss Stone were at, say…a typical Hollywood party and Stevie Wonder walked up to her (with help, obviously) and said, “Hey.” She’d say, “What’s up?”

And they would explode.

She is a black hole of soul. Nothing escapes her trite and contrived free-spiritedness, not even light.

Depicted below is Joss Stone’s talent pool (sucked out of better, more original artists)…

Truncated rant over.



~ by seangstm on August 17, 2005.

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