Do you get excited when the season begins to change? Which season do you most look forward to?
Fall and/or winter. I do get very excited when the humidity of summer finally burns off (which is this week, oddly)

What day of the week is usually your busiest?

Would you consider yourself to be strict when it comes to grammar and spelling? What’s an example of the worst error you’ve seen?
Yes, although I sometimes screw up. People who misuse commas and semi-colons.

Main Course
Who has a birthday coming up, and what will you give them as a gift?
No one’s birthday is coming up that I know of. Most friends of mine have winter, spring birthdays.

If you could have any new piece of clothing for free, what would you pick?
A new pair of running shoes.


~ by seangstm on August 19, 2005.

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