Die, Bart! DIE!

Well, received some flack for my last post…and it’s ‘gayness’ despite my attempts to deflate said attacks by proclaiming it to be penultimately HOMO. Fine, that’s how people wanna be and that’s FINE by me.






Anyway, anyway, anyway.

I have decided I am indeed going to get a cat. People keep telling me I should ASK my roommate, and I’m all, “Have you lost your mind?” I think so. Seriously now…it will be a matter of TELLING HIM.


I have been perusing the Humane Society website as they have postings of cats up for adoption. I have fallen in love with the one pictured. I can’t adopt one until September 6 or so, so I know that this little cutie won’t likely be there at that time. I’ve come to terms. But in my mind – this is my cat. I shall name him Captain Assmunch III.

I might not be able to wait for the boyfriend to help me choose a cat, though. I’m getting antsy…

And when it looks up at me at meows, I can say…

“When I told you to call me that…I wanted you to mean it…”
– Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest




~ by seangstm on August 26, 2005.

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