Orko III

Well, I phoned the THS this morning since I hadn’t been able to get through last night. There was no one to answer my call (another problem with being understaffed) but I left a message. This vet called me back (a different one to the lady I was dealing with) and told me that there was no change. He also added that Orko was sneezing once in a while. Perhaps it’s a cold that he has? Who knows. đŸ˜¦

Basically he told me they would continue their treatment and see where it went.

I’m getting more and more depressed about this – there’s absolutely no light at the end of this tunnel thus far other than the white haze that Orko will mostly likely survive. They can’t give me a day or even an estimate as to when he MIGHT be released.

I know I’m being pointlessly pessimistic, but I want Orko at home. I’ve basically adopted a cat that’s going to be in veterinary care indefinitely. It bums me out.



~ by seangstm on September 1, 2005.

One Response to “Orko III”

  1. The little buggers do get under your skin quite quickly, don’t they? Here’s hoping you get him back soon.
    Hugs from Cincinnati

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