Black Widow

Remember this awful dream I had recently? I had a similar, equally as intense one last night about a black widow spider in my bed that was carrying around a sac of eggs. Contrary to all known zoology, this spider could leap nearly five feet.

The thing landed on various parts of my body about 10-12 times and never bit me. You’d think I would have stopped freaking out.

I’ve realized this dream is a manifestation of the fear that I have about having a living creature, other than my roommate, and non-human, living in my apartment. I hope I don’t stomp on Orko in some dream/wake night terror. :s

Off to Waterloo for today and tomorrow. Back tomorrow eve.



~ by seangstm on September 4, 2005.

One Response to “Black Widow”

  1. Well i don’t know who you are but thanks cuz i was searching for a black widow spider for my home work and i got it by chance. Actually i din’t read the whole blogbut just saw the part that i wanted to read.i’ll not tel my name cuz u r a STRANGER 4 me .
    but thx 4 helpin me out 4 my H.W. and the dreamlooked really scary to me!

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