Tales of the Roommate/Orko Sighting

Gaystrogen powers…ACTIVATE!!!
Been watching episodes of the Muppet show back to back this weekend. “Moi?”
The only surviving terrorist from the Olympic massacre is pissed because Steven Speilberg, who is directing a movie based on the events, has not consulted him. Read the story here. I also hear Hitler is alive and well and a little miffed over the portrayal of Nazis in Schindler’s List.
To tie-up a lose end left by my last roommate post, here’s the ‘resolution’ – if you can call it that. I sent that email to my roommate the morning of the incident with the propped open door. I then left work early to get a self-locking deadbolt to end the insanity once and for all. I got home and my roommate had written me back. Although I won’t post it here because I respect his privacy – well, not really, but whatever…
…here’s the gist of his email: Everything is my fault, but he’s very sorry. In short, he saddled his drinking problems on me, claiming I “dominate the [apartment].” Also, he can never watch TV because I always come out and clean the kitchen. The fact that he only cleans his dishes and then scuttles back to his room, never actually cleaning the shared kitchen was conveniently ommitted. Just like the fact that I clean the apartment – an ACTUAL cleaning, vaccuming, dusting, tidying, etc., and he does NONE of that was also conveniently left out. As well, the fact that he never cleans the bathroom, let alone gets on his hands and knees to scrub the floor and the bathtub, nor does he ever change the toilet paper was also overlooked. But, he’s right – I dominate the apartment. In his email he used the word “out” to substitute for “drinking” and I think he used “dominate” to substitute for “takes responsibility for” – that’s the only thing that makes sense, really.
Also, he claimed I never got back to him regarding our internet service booklet months previously. The truth is, I did get back to him, about a millisecond after he asked when I said, “I can’t find the booklet, but it won’t give you info on that anyway. The information is all online on the company’s website.” Apparently, he didn’t hear me – I mean, being in the same 4 foot radius and all, it’s understandable.
He also claimed that I myself had left the door open before. I doubt I’ve done it but the bottom line is – when you’re the last person to enter the apartment, it’s YOUR responsibility, NOT mine. And I seriously doubt his druken boyfriend and himself are coherent enough to tell if the door’s been left open or not. Certainly a drunken person can see the door propped open – or perhaps not.
It was basically an itemized list of things that I do wrong that make him behave the way he does, followed by a “I’m very sorry about all of this” at the end.
He has a serious drinking problem – more serious than I thought, he doesn’t even realize when he’s drunk anymore. đŸ˜¦ Very sad.
I ingored all the deflection and just wrote him back about the internet service. He’s been apologetically nice since then – odd behaviour for someone who blames me for their alcoholism. Dunno about anyone else, but if I lived with someone who cleaned the kitchen every single time I watched TV (an amazing feat on his days off when I’m at work), who dominated the apartment we lived in, who caused me to become an alcoholic – I’d move. Call me crazy.
In any event, I went to Canadian Tire and got a new lock, after hearing the disappointing news that a self-locking deadbolt is only available from a locksmith, so I just got a new lock that looked the same as my old one (I had broken my key in it while trying to measure the old one). I got home and opened it and realized that it WAS a self-locking deadbolt. So much for the expertise of Crappy Tire’s staff.
I changed the lock, it now clicks and we’re secure. I’ll continue to make sure I live in a clean apartment and that it’s not a pigsty, so if that’s ‘dominating’ he can bite my ass.
End of story.
Now on to better news – Orko is still at the THS but I spent Friday night with him for about an hour and a half after work. His energy was up, he was mewing incessantly, and he was jumping on my shoulders as I leaned down. He also ATE some food. Holy CRAP!
The vet told me that he could come home when he’d put on some weight, he seems to have plateaued, apparently.
His little nose was also running and he sneezed a few times.





~ by seangstm on September 12, 2005.

One Response to “Tales of the Roommate/Orko Sighting”

  1. In my experience, Crappy Tire seems to exclusively employ ignorant hicks. I had to buy bolts to attach my head board once and I swear to god I bought them THREE times. AND the fucker still wobbled.

    Cat sneezes are cute. I say ‘bless you’ when they sneeze far more often then I say it to humans. Glad the lil tyke is doing well.


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