The Hollywood Stock Exchange

I have become obsessed with a new (to me) website that I heard about because I was listening to an old Howard Stern Show episode from 1994. The greatest, most obsessive website ever…

The Hollywood Stock Exchange, or, as it’s known.

You buy, trade and sell Hollywood Stars and films. It’s TOO much fun.

My portfolio sucks a whole lot of ass right now because I DID have Halle Berry in there, but the bitch was bleeding me dry as her stock plummeted beginning yesterday afternoon. Dumbass drunken amnesiac.

Sign up and have the most fun buying and selling people since Abraham Lincoln put a stop to it.

Here’s my portfolio:

Sean Connery, my namesake, is a steady money-maker thankfully. đŸ™‚


~ by seangstm on September 22, 2005.

One Response to “The Hollywood Stock Exchange”

  1. Okay, so should I sell Xmen3? It’s plummeting and steadily losing me money for some reason.

    I just purchased Sin City 2 (2000) and the Batman Begins sequel (1000), 2 guaranteed money makers.

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