Orko, Stocks and the Amazing Black Family

Yes, again, I’ve been lax in my upkeep of this blog. You know what? Screw you. Screw you right in the eye!



The boyfriend came down on Sunday and stayed until Monday evening. Was a joy, as usual. We frolicked with Orko (who is doing very well), and watched loads and loads of episodes of Futurama (see: the superior, although often mistaken for inferior, sister to The Simpsons). Far more cerebral and edgy than the Simpsons, which frankly…sucks balls nowadays. Futurama, although cancelled prematurely, at least has a time capsule of genius feel to it – unlike the Simpsons which leaves a bitter, Fox’s-Flagship-is-sinking, crappo kind of feel nowadays. I don’t even bother watching anymore.
Anyhow – Orko has had a cold since he came from the THS. He had it before – the vet told me about it at length, stating that it was normal and it would run its course but that they would send him home with medication. When I picked him up, however, I was given no medication and I never spoke to the vet – the receptionist just handed me Orko and sent me on my way (less one very trendy mouse toy from IKEA, I might add).
He’s not appearing to be in pain, but he does appear to have cold like symptoms – his nose runs (although that is improving) and he sneezes a bit. Two nights ago it woke me up because it was so loud. He’s energetic, but in spurts…he seems to run around for 20 minutes and then sleep on my lap for an hour or two. I guess this is fairly normal behaviour because when he IS active, his behaviour is not unlike that of a crack addict, looking for their next fix and wigging out at every opportunity.
If he’s still sneezing next week, I’m going to call the THS again…but I’m annoyed since he shouldn’t have been sent home if he was still ill. IDIOTS!
On a lighter note – my stocks are plummeting, although a little everyday so as to not become too obvious to a moron like me. đŸ™‚

I think it’s all the stocks my friend John told me to buy. Bastard.
So the Amazing Race 8 (Families) began last night. I really have to say that it was totally kick ASS. Too many funny moments to recount, but the NY mother screaming at her idiotic children while wearing a neck kerchief and the “Black” family made my friend Glen and I laugh our asses off.

The best lines of the night (SPOILER):

“The Black Family is right behind us!”

“Black Family…you are the last to arrive.”

Read a very detailed and amusing recap here: TVGasm


~ by seangstm on September 28, 2005.

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