Well, sadly, there is a distinct lack of things to blog about this morning. The weather, although a lovely switch from intense humidity, now seems to be indistinguishable from August except for 10° temperatures. The humidity remains so now I have to put on a wooly coat so I don’t freeze to death, but am concerned of contracting self-imposed hypothermia from drowning in my own sweat.
Good times!

These are the good times!
Leave your cares behind!
These are the good times!


Anyway, anyway, anyway…on a brighter note, Orko seems to be recovering nicely. His nose is no longer runny and he sneezes a helluva lot less. He still does explode once in a while, but so does everyone getting over a cold, methinks. At least I do…
The Amazing Race this week was a ‘yawn-making bore of bores” (as Alice Tinker once said). The only hot guy on the show (IMHO – pictured on left, furthest left, actually) was eliminated because his family wouldn’t change drivers on a mud run challenge. Oh, that and the fact that they play blowfully. The Bible-thumping family is REALLY getting on my nerves. If that bleached blonde tit-rag says “Lord give us wisdom…” one more time, I’m gonna kill myself. Also, what kind of a challenge is “riding in a gravity simulator”? There’s no RACE involved, people go on, they get off. It’s like the stupid airport bits on the regular Amazing Race where you’re 2 hours ahead of the people and then everyone is even again at the airport because of flight times – STUPID.
Last night I got sucked into America’s Next Top Model (AGAIN). I swear, I’m turning into a freak…well, becoming more of one. Last night’s episode was surprise free – as per usual – and what’s this? They eliminated the fat girl. I love it. They have one token “plus size” (see: HUMAN size) model as a concession to the letter-writing fat-heads of America. Then they eliminate her post haste, conjuring up some clever ‘insecurity’ in editing. Okay, okay, this girl was insecure, but I find it amazing that not ONE of their ‘plus size’ models ever makes it to mid-season. Heehee!
Then Martha’s Apprentice came on. Phew. I’m getting full on sucked into this crap and I don’t care. It’s pretty damn entertaining. The elimination this week was a long time in coming, frankly, and the girl deserved to go. ‘nuff said. Check out for updates on the above 3 shows later today, I would imagine.
Now, some sad news – it appears that Kathy Griffin’s – My Life on the D-List, is no longer on. WTF?! It’s not like it was cancelled mid-season – the friggin’ show has completed its run on American Bravo. Who friggin’ knows. All I can say is, E and I are gonna be MIGHTILY PO’D.
Tonight we’ve got Survivor…should be fun times. Lydia (the token old lady) goes mental (according to the teaser). BRING IT ON!



~ by seangstm on October 13, 2005.

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