The Light At The End Of The Douche

I get an email from my roommate last night saying that he’s moving out ‘near the end of the year’ and that he’ll contact the management office to find out the procedure.

I’m happy about this in that I won’t be living with a functioning alcoholic, but I’m also feeling on the verge of a stress wave crest as I need to decide what to do.

There’s a few options open to me – staying and getting a new roommate in (this is 99% decided as what I’m going to do, but things could change), or I could move into a one bedroom and FINALLY live alone (but I doubt I could afford it). That’s pretty much it, really.

Anyway, I created an entry on, but unfortunately, you can’t edit entries once you’ve made them. Ho hum.

There is certainly a light at the end of the psycho tunnel I’ve been travelling down, but I have a feeling he’s either gonna change his mind or make it really, really, really uncomfortable for the next two months.

We shall see…I’ll keep you posted.


~ by seangstm on November 11, 2005.

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