Beware of!!!

Check out this article about the dangers of…

…done? Good.

What’s the real danger on Mentally defective kids who post too much information. PERIOD.

Why do parents of this generation feel so complacent about the miniscule amount of policing THEY do for their kids, but are up in arms when a WEBSITE doesn’t police their children for them?!

Same parents who think Janet Jackson’s boob is gonna make their child’s head explode.

We live in a very…very scary world, people. Not because of myspace or boobies exposed on TV on a Sunday afternoon…

…but by people who think it’s EVERYONE ELSE’S responsibility to raise their kids and in turn have the rules changed so that responsible, intelligent and mature people cannot collectively enjoy things that responsible, intelligent and mature people should be allowed to enjoy.

Like the occasional boob or like OR BOTH.

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~ by seangstm on January 30, 2006.

One Response to “Beware of!!!”

  1. Here here.

    I hate Dateline and their ‘investigative reports’. Fear mongerers. The show should come with a glossary so that you can see just how manipulative their neologisms are: “Cyber secret”, what does that even mean!? Assholes


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