The Fortress Short List

Just a few points to make – nothing too thought out so screw you structure police! Huh? Damn.

With every new article that is posted about poor, blonde Bond Daniel Craig, I get more and more worried. But then I realize that most people are evil, sister-pokin’, mother fuckers who cannot stand to see someone be successful – even if it means destroying them before they get a chance. It appears to me that poor, blonde Bond D.C. is the victim of a subtle and slow smear campaign to make him less and less appealing to the general public. I’m sure it is masterminded by the same bastards that campaigned TIRELESSLY to get Pierce Brosnan the role, only to realize (but subsequently deny) that he just wasn’t that compelling to watch on the screen – especially in his last outing, Die Another Day, which plays like the Matrix’s cheap, older sister who hangs out at cougar bars.
I myself enjoyed Pierce Brosnan – I thought he brought a nice mix of Roger Moore’s light-hearted tone and charm, Sean Connery’s violence, Timothy Dalton’s vicious intensity and George Lazenby’s hotness (I’m sorry, folks, he was the HOTTEST Bond – the scene of him in the shorty bathrobe always makes me quiver, not to mention the entire half hour of him parading around in a kilt). Something was lacking though and its probably not his fault. Its more likely the lack-lustre interest of the producers in making a quality product with expensive visuals AND a good story. Usually the visuals won out, unfortunately.
Anyway, my point is: Because of some very superficial reasons (usually his blond hair) people have written off Daniel Craig before the poor guy has shot a single frame. I myself am reserving judgement. Bond rant over.

Oh, and my favourite giver-goddess, fashion plate-saint, Judy Tenuta, has her own blog. NIIIICE!

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~ by seangstm on February 1, 2006.

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