J f’ing D

Welcome back, everyone! Sorry I’ve been lax in the update department, but shit happens. This past weekend was the big birthday weekend for yours truly – with my birthday falling on Monday. The boyfriend came into town to help celebrate. He bought me the greatest, bar none, gift I have ever received: a bong. Not ONLY a bong, though. A bong made out of a Jack Daniel’s 26er bottle. SCORE!! And believe you me it was put to good use Friday and Saturday night…and a few other nights between then and now. Yes, the boyfriend is an enabler! YAY!

We went out to celebrate on Saturday evening. The plan was to get together with a few people for drinks at my place and then drunkenly stumble to the local karaoke bar. Gillian, Ian and my friend Doug showed up at various times. All of us partook in nibbles and drinks. We managed to get nicely lit at my apartment, especially Ian and I as we took turns on the JD bottle.

Gillian got me an English Grammar book, which I will wield like a flaming sword against the French-Canadiens that infest this fine country of ours…

…but I digress. Ian brought me a LOSING lottery ticket and an emergency TP supply. Heehee! Doug brought me a bottle of wine. Double Score!

We left for the karaoke bar and Doug left the party. The Fiddler’s Green was the hell-hole of choice and the group of us entered with low expectations. Thankfully we were spared the jarring emotional bolt of being pleasantly surprised. The place had maybe 4 people in the entire thing, two of whom were the only people who were singing so for the first hour or so we were bombarded with repetious, shitty nonsense. Thankfully, Glen showed up and we could laugh together derisively.

Of course, there was no way yours truly would ever set foot on the karaoke stage. The boyfriend and Gillian did it a couple times, but seriously – by the time they did, I couldn’t remember a thing. I don’t even remember getting home.


Then the boyfriend and I went on Sunday to purchase a fishy for me. That was an unmitigated disaster and we ended up only purchasing the tank. We went the next day and bought two fishes, a black moor goldfish and a blue betta. I’ve named them Dr. No and Blofeld, respectively. Nice.

That’s all for now.


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~ by seangstm on February 23, 2006.

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