Don’t fuck with me, fellas..!!!

Well, well, well…today is the kind of day that makes life worth living.

People (well, one person) have complained about a lack of updates. There’s loads to tell, but I don’t feel like barfing it up at this moment in time until some papers are signed and certain things sorted out.

The short version – my lesbian roommate has decided after living with me for a month (a month in which she has done little else besides complain about her experience living with her girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend, depending on the day)). She’s planning on moving in with her girlfriend (ex-girlfriend). Very smart move. Fine. She unfortunately gave me her ‘notice’ on the 5th day of the month. So sad. Now I’ve found a new place on my own and she’s going ot have to pay for an extra month because she’s got zero-to-no-clue about landlord/tenant law in Canada. No skin off my nose.

Anyhoo…on a brighter note, found this audio clip of Faye Dunaway reaming some guy out over the phone. Nice.


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~ by seangstm on March 21, 2006.

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