I Categorically Deny These Accusations…

Because work is oh so enthralling, I decided yesterday that I would add categories to my blog. Part of me did it out of boredom and part of me did it for reader convenience but a larger part of me did it so I could show the boyfriend that I’m better than him and so is my blog. đŸ˜›
You’d be surprised how many sites tell you how easy it is to put categories on your blogger.com blog. You’d be even more SHOCKED to find its actually an incredibly annoying and difficult thing to do to PAST posts. As such, I have only done back until January 2006 – anything before that and you’re on your own, bitches.
So the second to last episode of Survivor was on last night. I have to say, this season started off slow (down right boring) and maintained a slow, semi-interesting burn up until about 3 episodes ago. Since that mark, it’s been a firestorm of unexpected backstabbing and drama with a capitol QUEEN. First, we had the original two tribes merging the tribe with the higher numbers just decimating the weaker tribe. One by one, the members of the smaller band were picked off until we were left with just one – Terry. Man, I love this guy. He’s certainly fought like a sonuvabitch to be there against every. other. person. there. Its kind of funny how 5 or 6 younger people can’t touch this guy. Terry constantly won immunity (and he…shhh…had the hidden immunity idol the entire time). So, when it came down to the former strong tribe against Terry, it got REAL interesting.
The first tribal council in “Terry vs. the rest of the Island” tourney went down badly and uneventfully as Bruce, the Aisan tae-bo enthusiast, was taken ill (he couldn’t pooh…such a tragedy). They medi-vac’d him off the island (after an 8 hour wait, according to an interview with Bruce later).
Because he was medi-vac’d, he was eliminated from the game without the ignominy of Jeff snuffing out his flame and uttering his most famous catch phrase.
The next episode saw Shane (read: the most annoying Survivor Contestant ever) using a piece of wood as his blackberry. Seriously. Then they voted off Courtney, who was caught entirely off gaurd. D’OH! Every time she came on the screen and they showed “Occupation: Fire Dancer” I just wanted to punch her in the face.
Then we come one of the best episodes of the show – ever. Lots of manouvering by Terry, including taking Shane along on a challenge reward. Terry was sure he was in. He had it, they were voting off Danielle. Done deal. Then we got to tribal council and guess what? Psycho Shane was DONE. Heehee! The looks on his face were priceless. Here are a few, courtesy of TVGasm.com:

And finally…

Hahaha! Ah, poor Terry. I really want him to win because the guy is like a cockroach. Love his tenacity.

We come, finally, to last night’s episode, which unfortunately, TVGasm doesn’t have a recap for yet. Sufficit to say, it continued the entire “WTF” aura that has haunted the last month of episodes. Terry, upon returning to camp, decided to rip into Cerie for leaving her torch right in his way.
On one side of the argument, the bitch did drop it at her feet when they’d been walking single file (with her leading) for however long. Danielle and Aras, though, chose not to mention the fact that she dropped it in their way. Terry, however, decided to lay into her. And we all know what its like to fight with a black woman stuck on an island who’s not losing weight like everyone else…

“Excuse ME?!”

On the other side of the argument, Terry does tend to treat everyone else around him like children, but like Cerie said, “I’m not one of your kids!” And as Terry (snap) said, “That’s right – you’re NOT one of my kids, that’s why I expected MORE from YOU!” I LOVE ME SOME TERRY!!! YOU GO!
Then later on during a challenge, Aras won and Terry, as Jeff was announcing the winner, wanted clarification on the rules. It’s a long story, but you could tell he was just asking about a ruling on the rules of the game. Aras, of course, takes this as a challenge to his anti-Alpha-Maleness (he so wants to be top dog but knows Terry is his superior) and says, “So, every time someone else wins, are you gonna claim you got hosed?”


Then Terry tries to rebutt, but it degrades into a shouting match with Aras yelling, “Yeah, Terry – what are you gonna do? Say some more nasty things about women?”

As I’m watching this and listening, I think, “Did I miss an episode?” I could not, for the life of me, remember Terry saying anything nasty about ANYONE on the show…?!

Turns out Aras, being a really upstanding guy, made the shit up and pulled that comment out of his ass in some DESPERATE attempt to make himself look better than T-Man. It was in this instance that my love for Terry was cemented and my new found hatred for Aras discovered. God, what an asshole. He later apologized, but the move was so 100% cunty, I can’t excuse it as a viewer. No one puts my Terry in the corner!

Aras won immunity last night, so the final 3 is going to be Terry, Aras and either Danielle or Cerie. They went to tribal council and they TIED. Apparently, this has happened before, but I have never seen it myself. They forced them to make fire (of course, loads of shots of Cerie learning how were sprinkled throughout the episode and loads of shots of Danielle not bothering to practice it too). Of course, the intellectual in me says this is a clever ruse and Danielle will make it.

But as Jeff says, “GO!” to the fire making, we get “To be continued”

That’s right – they cockblocked us. Those sons a bitches on Survivor FUCKED US.

I love this show.

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