Tips for Retards™ – Tip No.13

Ah…unlucky 13. This will be the blog that annoys some of my regular readers, but I’m nothing if not completely willing to give anyone (even friends) the finger if they piss me off. Well, I can’t really say “piss me off” because the problem has nothing to do with me and I shouldn’t take it personally.
Several people have complained that my blog freezes when they try to view it. I myself have never experienced this problem (either at home, or at work – where I usually post from). I got another email about it this morning and decided to put on my Connie Chung helmet-hair and get to the bottom of the problem.

“Let’s go!”
So…in all of 5 seconds, I discovered the issue. People who are experiencing ‘freezing’ when trying to load my blog are using Internet Explorer. I can only assume this because I do not use IE, I use the infinitely superior Mozilla Firefox (and have never ever had an issue loading this page – in fact, it loads incredibly quickly and gives me a reach around when it’s finished). The program actually FUNCTIONS as it should. It doesn’t hide what its doing and it has frozen maybe 3 times since installing it years ago.

Tips for Retards™ – Tip No.13

Don’t use fucking Internet Explorer. It’s an antiquated, idiotic browser that actually ALLOWS spyware (all Microsoft approved) and adware onto your computer that slows down IE’s performance. Use Mozilla Firefox instead…

…oh, and please file all complaints about this page not loading because of YOUR browser in the circular file. Alternatively, you can shove it up your ass and get with the 21st century.

Don’t die of ignorance!




~ by seangstm on June 7, 2006.

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