New Column Announcement

To the 3 of you who read my blog:


I have decided, upon being shat on by that wonderful seagull of life, INSPIRATION, that I shall be starting up a new recurring column in my blog. Granted, its not truly a column since this isn’t a newspaper, but then again I write this shit and no one reads it so…what does it matter really?

In the vein of Tips for Retards™, I shall be starting…

[cue drumroll]

Yes, that’s right! As of yet, I have not decided how I shall be using it or what I’ll write about but based on my general thought process, the idea of coming up with a short list on an hourly basis of things that I feel ‘blow’ doesn’t sound difficult in the slightest.
Have no fear, gentle reader, Tips for Retards™ isn’t going anywhere…I just haven’t, thankfully, been subjected to any retardation lately.




~ by seangstm on June 29, 2006.

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