Friday Feast #101

When was the last time you visited a hospital?
In March – my grandmother had an operation to remove bowel cancer. The woman is in her 80s and she came through with flying colours. Yay, Gran!

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how ambitious are you?
-8, but I fake it pretty well.

My mother used to get mad at me and say, “You’ll never amount to anything because you procrastinate!”
I said, “Just…you…wait.”
– Judy Tenuta, Buy This Pigs!


Make a sentence using the letters of a body part. (Example: (mouth) My other ukelele tings healthily.
Pinky eviscerated nine Iranian sisters.

Main Course
If you were to start a club, what would the subject matter be, and what would you name it?
It would be 100% disco, my friend Chris D. would DJ (with me subbing) and I would call it “Super 77”

What color is the carpet/flooring in your home?
Medium-dark brown hardwood.

The decline of thought provoking questions continues at F.F.



~ by seangstm on July 7, 2006.

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