Do The Shake…

Widely regarded as the penultimate big budget pop-star into film foray (before Glitter was released, anyway), Can’t Stop The Music, the Village People movie, has always been one of my guiltiest pleasures. Regarded as one of, if not the, worst movie of all time, it features some really fun stuff in it, not to mention a great cameo by The Ritchie Family.

In the film, the Village People are formed and go on various gigs, including one desperate attempt to make enough money to complete their album: the milk commercial. Nowadays, seeing semi-celebs with yogurt like secretions sprawled across their upper lip is common place in print ads. But seriously, I hate milk and have no desire to down a glass of it.

This clip, however, makes me at least consider giving milk a chance…

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~ by seangstm on August 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “Do The Shake…”

  1. Can’t Stop the Music is a splendidly awful camp classic, which spectacularly attempts to eradicate all traces of gayness from the Village People story to no avail. I have the novelisation and the soundtrack album, to my shame.

  2. No shame in owning the soundtrack, my man. ‘Samantha’ is one of my favourite lesser known disco tracks, as well as this Milkshake song.

    As far as the ‘attempts to eradicate all traces of gayness from the Village People story’ – were you watching the same movie…?!?

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