The B Harassing the B

M and I headed to the Royal Ontario Museum (or ROM to those in the know) on Friday since admission is free (and apparently unsupervised) after 4:30 pm on Friday nights. Yay for us…and woe for any children that got in my way.
The facility is undoubtedly interesting and chock full of interesting tidbits and rare antiquities, including at least 3 Egyptian mummies and several Eqyptian, Greek and Roman artifacts – one of the most interesting things I found in the ROM was a bust of Cleopatra (dating back to her ruling dynasty of Egypt). People might not think its in any way remarkable, but if you know Egyptian lore, Cleopatra’s rule and image was all but obliterated from the history of Egypt by her successor.
Anyway, enough of that. An exhibition of Asian art, including sculpture, pottery and tapestries, was on and that was pretty neat. It was the place we headed to first and we were inundated with snot-nosed children, wailing babies and idiotic parents, all taking flash photography pictures (where it is expressly forbidden in the museum).
At one point, I looked over and saw a woman totally pawing this Asian dog statue that was already pretty eroded from the ravages of the 500 or so years it had existed on Earth.
I turned to M and said, “Jeezus…they’re everywhere taking pictures with flashes blasting constantly and then this bitch is feeling up the statue. Gimme a fucking break.”
“She’s blind,” he replied.



~ by seangstm on August 7, 2006.

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