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I haven’t written anything about the incident involving Mel Gibson and his anti-Semetic comments, but I thought I would post this interview clip of his father that was played on Howard Stern and let people hear the kind of household Gibson grew up in, the kind of thoughts he was exposed to on a daily basis and frankly the psychotic nature of his father‘s warped sense of reality.

Hutton Gibson

In reference to Gibson Jr.’s specific comments to LA police officers: if I hear another person deny that alcohol merely allows people to speak what they really feel without any apparent repercussions (due to the alcohol’s effect on the human brain), I’m going to scream. No one has ever said something they didn’t believe when they were drunk. They can deny they truly support the comments they made in the enibriated state, but its how they feel – their guard was simply down. Period.



~ by seangstm on August 12, 2006.

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