Tips for Retards™ – Tip #24

If you find the term ‘douche’ in reference to yourself mortally offensive, you probably should just jump off a building and get it over with instead of documenting your demented and out of control ramblings on

Seriously…I love how she points out that people shouldn’t take things seriously and shouldn’t get pissed off but she’s crying about an anonymous person calling her a ‘douche.’

To cleanse your sullied pallet…watch this and think of Ian & I at Canada’s Wonderland this Saturday…

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~ by seangstm on September 12, 2006.

4 Responses to “Tips for Retards™ – Tip #24”

  1. It hurts me to sit here and listen to this.

    I…like.. i dunno.. shut up and leave us alone? like.. very insulted right now…like. I didn’t mean to like hurt you, like you just totally like…it’s just really hurtful.

    I have to agree, she is a douchebag.

  2. i didn’t even last a minute watching here – however; I did watch the other one 3 times!

  3. I agree. She’s a complete douchebag! Perhaps when she was a child she thought she was going to die on a ride, and her campanion did nothing but laugh!


  4. LOL Ian, I bet she even lied about being on the ride before in an effort to upset the young boy/girl.


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