Canada’s Wonderland/TV Junk

Good morning, everyone! Well, this weekend was sure chock full of fun times, most notably, my trip with Ian to Paramount Canada’s Wonderland on Saturday. Thinking that the park would be only mildly busy since it was a cloudy, non-descript kind of day and it was in September, the two of us were shocked and awed at the obscene number of people, especially snot-nosed, multi-coloured wig wearing brats who’s fingers were all covered in chocolate, boogers and/or pooh. There were a few incidents that might interest people. At least I found them interesting, anyway…
We only went on a small number of rides based on a) the line-ups, b) our lack of interest in being surrounded by children and finally c) our increasing inability to think straight based on consumption of banned substances.
While waiting in the line for The Fly, a ‘family’ coaster, a small girl budded in directly behind me, in front of the 100-150 people already behind me. I thought it was a bit odd, but then when her father and 6 family members showed up, with the dad ENCOURAGING her to bud in line and get the rest of the family in, I was slightly apalled. They have signs everywhere about jumping lines and how it immediately means ejection from the line and possibly from the park, but as Ian and I were discussing last night – who the HELL can enforce this rule? People AHEAD of the line jumper will most likely not notice, and people behind are hardly in a position to rat on these people PRIOR to their getting on the ride, so the whole thing is pretty pointless.
At about 1hour 15m, The Bat was the longest line-up we had to sit through. Fortunately for yours truly, the funniest moment of the day occurred in said line as I was eavesdropping on a conversation between two teenagers.

“Okay, name a place that stars with ‘A’,” said the first girl.
“Alright,” her companion started, “Scandinavia.”
“No, that’s not a place, it’s a region.”
“Fine. Exxon Valdez,” the first girl began, “A-X-E-N Valdez…that’s a region.”
“Nice. Antigua?”
“Yeah, good one.”

I wanted to shoot myself in the face, but decided not to because the conversation was so deliciously idiotic, pathetic and sad at the same time.
I have some pictures and a video from the Wonderland trip which I’ll be uploading later on.

Last night saw the premiere of Season 10 of The Amazing Race. It was an alright opening episode, but the really assanine attempt to edit in every single utterance of “Praise Allah” on a loop whenever the Muslim (see: American) team got VERY annoying. And I must say that I’m in love with the couple from Kentucky, at least the wife. She’s so sweet and hard-assed at the same time – I love it. Should be an interesting season

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~ by seangstm on September 18, 2006.

2 Responses to “Canada’s Wonderland/TV Junk”

  1. Praise Allah!
    I was watching this episode thinking of you, yeah weird I know. It actually had it’s funny moments. Like the whole idea of models who used to be drug addicts, when the models were pissed at the one legged girl who got to board the plane the first because of her disability. Also when I believe the best frends or the queens said something along the lines of “Hurry up, the beardies are behind us.” (muslims).

  2. Holy CRAP! THAT is what I wanted to write about. I OFFICIALLY DESPISE the one-legged freak who claims to not use her disability as an advantage, yet specially requested first boarding on the plane. That’s fine, but then don’t fucking SPRINT across the airport afterwords…makes your ‘disability’ claims seem a little off.
    What REALLY pissed me off about that bitch was when she said to the taxi driver, “Hospital! EMERGENCY!” and pointed to her peg-leg. THen in an interview bit, she claimed they were trying to conserve fluid…um…right. THen say that, don’t scream HOSPITAL when you know full-well you’re LYING to get ahead.

    As much as I hated Rob and Amber using their psuedo celebrity status to get ahead. It’s pathetic.

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