CW Trip with Pics!

Greeting, gentle readers…sorry I haven’t made any significant entries in a while, but I’ve been deathly ill. Well, not deathly, just ill and not really into sitting at a computer, at work or otherwise, to type up some stupid crap that no one cares about.
But guess what? Today I am! Weee!
I managed to upload the few pics that I took on my trip to Paramount Canada’s Wonderland with Ian. I wrote about it already here, but had no visual accompaniment.
Let’s go back in time, shall we…ooooh…yaaaay…!

Across from where we were sitting at York Mills station we noticed
that someone decided to vomit before even getting on the bus to
go to the park…fun!

Just swimming with brats.

The first ride that we managed to get on
was the Sledgehammer, one of my faves.

As we headed to the Mighty Canadian Minebuster, we passed
the coy creek. These things are HUGE – those are two adult
ducks, just for a size comparison. I’m surprised the things don’t
actually eat the waterfowl.

Run, ducks! RUN!


Several times throughout the day, we stopped at the
“Designated Smoking Areas” (see: White Trash Watering
Holes, my companion at the time excepted, of course)
which are scattered across the park. Even the ashtray is smoking!

We stopped for lunch at one point and Ian needed
to go off to find proper beverages – a trip which took at
least 15 minutes. As you can see, I (right) was nearly
done before he (left) started.

While he was gone, I had time to kill, so I decided to
take still lifes of my lovely meal. Guess what this is a pic of?
Highlight to reveal the answer!
(Answer: a piece of lettuce from my burger, I swear to God)

After lunch, we continued on our adventure, undeterred by the
ever increasing population of trolls in their strollers that were taking
over the park. Seriously – if you’re kid can’t walk, leave the fucker
at home…REALLY.

Before we left, we stopped to watch a couple runs of
Timberwolfe Falls, which is always a treat. I took a
video of one, which will follow shortly.



~ by seangstm on September 21, 2006.

One Response to “CW Trip with Pics!”

  1. Are you sure that was lettuce?! It looks like a previously masticated, partially digested sock that was rescued from somebody’s lower instestine. I suppose that’s why Wonderland cuisine is so steeply priced. Do you have any idea how much it costs to harvest such delectable condiments? I hope you ate that thing!

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