Writer’s Block Out Of The Gate

As some of you reader(s) may recall, I started at University recently, trying to recapture my youth and consume as much beer through funnels as a 29 year old can handle.

I have my first assignment to do (I’ve already handed in one assignment, but it was a diagnostic essay and didn’t count towards my course mark). A how-to paper is now the order of the day, but I am at a total loss as to what to write about. I’m supposed to choose a process that a) I know well, b) has 6-8 steps and c) is interesting to the reader. I have no fucking clue what to write about and although this assignment has no due date (I am attending hippie school after all, as G so aptly described it), I need to get it done before the weekend so I can follow my own personal timeline effectively.

I dabbled with the idea of doing a humourous paper, ie. How to Procastinate Effectively, How to Write a Crappy Paper You Don’t Care About, How to Effectively Wipe Your Ass, The Proper Ins and Outs of Acceptable Existence in Seanworld®. Admittedly, the immediate proximity of Seanworld® and Seaworld® illuminates Shamu jibes from about 3 lightyears away. Also, The Proper Ins and Outs of Acceptable Existence in Seanworld® wouldn’t be so much of a How-To paper as a How-Not-To paper.

I also thought of doing a serious paper that chronicled possibly a recipe that I make well, or something I do nicely like sewing slipcovers, but the fact of the matter is, my slipcover triumph was mentioned in my diagnostic essay and I don’t want to rely on the standard responses all the time (also, I’d like to appear to be only 99.44% gay, like Ivory).

Bottom line is, I STILL have no idea what to write about and I’ve been pondering this fucker for nearly 2 weeks. Any suggestions (from idiotic to interesting) would be appreciated.

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~ by seangstm on October 26, 2006.

One Response to “Writer’s Block Out Of The Gate”

  1. Dude, why don’t you write about how you put together that print you’re so fond of?
    You’ll have to figure out how to do it without screenshots – you’re the Fratboy, not I.

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