Yeah, I know, another video. Sorry, haven’t had much to write about – been busy with work and school, but I may post my latest essay for school to provide incontravertible proof of my lameness.

Anyway, to commemorate the impending release of the Richard Donner Cut of Superman II, a movie I personally have been pining for since um…the second I realized a Superman II without the red sequined vest wearing rollerskater being blown through the streets of Metropolis was possible.
For anyone who doesn’t know…

  • Richard Donner was hired to direct Superman: The Movie and Superman II simultaneously.
  • When funds ran low, all concentration was placed on Superman: The Movie.
  • Donner did not get along with the procuders.
  • When Superman: The Movie was released, despite it’s huge success, Donner was unceremoniously fired, leaving over 70% of Superman II finished. Since by law a directly has to actually DIRECT at least 50% of the movie he is credited with directing, Richard Lester had to reshoot a large portion of Donner’s work…giving us the Superman II we know and some love today.
  • Donner’s version on paper is far superior and the best scenes in the existing Superman II are Donner directed scenes (the entire moon sequence, the bully beating up Clark in the Diner, all Gene Hackman’s scenes – he quit when Donner was fired, so if you see his face, Donner is behind the camera).

    Anyway, anyway, anyway…to celebrate the release of Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (Nov. 28, 2006), I present the latest released clip…the Kryptonian villians escaping from the celestial prison, The Phantom Zone (also known as the mirrored album cover in space).

    How much cooler is THAT?!?! Damn, I can’t wait for this DVD.

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    ~ by seangstm on November 8, 2006.

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