WARNING – Gross and disturbing story ahead.

A couple of years ago, I was at my dentist and she was fixing a cavity on one of my back molars, upper jaw. Unfortunately, the cavity extended below the gum-line, so she wrote me up a periodontal referral, and sent me on my way, asking that I schedule an appointment to have the tooth fixed with her shortly after my visit with the dental surgeon. I’ve never scheduled the appointment, nor have I visited with a dental surgeon.

Fast-forward to Christmas 2006 and I’m at my ‘rents house in Sudbury. I notice a small, hard ball on my lower palate, right underneath my tongue. I thought nothing of it other than that it was immensely annoying. It wasn’t painful and it wasn’t worrying.

Fast-forward again to February and the ball had become a large(r), fluid-filled sac that I assume was a cyst. I didn’t do much about it until today when I made an appointment to go back to my dentist to check on the original tooth that was to have been fixed two years ago. I also requested the appointment so that the dentist could look at this oral cyst and let me know how to fix it.

Not half an hour after hanging up the phone with the dental receptionist, I’m working at my work PC and boom…the oral cyst bursts. I didn’t notice at first, but then pushed my tongue down on it and realized it was belching fluid at an alarming rate. It wasn’t blood, which would have really worried me; it was more of puss mixed with a clear liquid, which I’m assuming is water or something. The fluid tasted foul as hell, and I spit it out at the earliest opportunity. I phoned my dad who explained that if it wasn’t bloody, I should probably not worry.

Unfortunately, I now have this empty sac under my tongue that looks like a gastric bypass patient’s legs two-months on. I know from experience that injuries to your inner mouth heal amazingly quickly, so I’m hoping that I can still drink wine tonight when my buddy Glen heads over.



~ by seangstm on March 14, 2007.

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