The Proverbial Blonde, Perky Shit Hitting the Gargantuan, Lesbian Fan

You know the nuclear holocaust was just bubbling beneath the surface on the View between Rosie and Elisabeth from the moment Ro was hired, but today…

…THREE MILE ISLAND and CHERNOBYL with a sprinkling of NAGASAKI!!!

Joy gets the line of the day, “Does this show not have COMMERCIALS?!” Elisabeth is a fucking assclown and I’ve often toyed with the idea of starting a column or a blog chronicling her daily idiocy on this shit show. Unfortunately, now that Rosie is leaving, I won’t be Tivo’ing it any longer. SCREW YOU BABA WAWA!

On a side note – rather convenient that the split screen was just ready and waiting, no?



~ by seangstm on May 23, 2007.

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