Pediphilious Repellous! THWACK!

WARNING: Stream of conciousness ahead…

Greetings accidental readers.

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted anything…and even longer since I posted anything of substance. You don’t care and I don’t care, so let’s move on shall we?

Haven’t really been in the mood to post since things took a nosedive back in April, but I’ve been steadily and increasingly positive about the whole experience and life in general.

School is looking up, although I procrastinated to the point that I had to purchase an extension from my instructor (if only we had those in highschool…I actually did, but it wasn’t called ‘an extension’ it was called ‘a knob gobble’, but I digress…). I’m the world’s great procrastintor with perhaps the exception of God himself who seems hell bent on sitting back and watching his glorious creation ass-fuck itself to death. Frankly, I just don’t have that kind of time. It’s true, though that I can procrastinate like no one else (all powerful deities excepted, of course). In Grade 11 or 12, I was the editor of the school newspaper. The teacher in charge of it had absolute confidence in my abilities, but failed to realize that if it doesn’t count for credit, I’m likely going to pretend it doesn’t exist. To the student body we delivered a total of zero papers. It was the least nerdy year of highschool for me, actually… In any event, I think school is back on track.

The apartment is spectacular…well, to a lesser degree, at least. I purchased a barbecue a month or so ago and I’ve been using more often than the toilet, which is actually quite a feat when you think about it.

Speaking of the apartment, fate and some random luck allowed me to meet up with an upstairs neighbour who is about as cool as anyone I can think of, save that handsome devil in the mirror. Seriously, though, at a time when I thought everyone was a waste of space, I managed to form a really cool friendship which has led to loads of steaks on various balconies and loads of PS3 playing…not to mention some enlightening and much needed conversation. 🙂

Planning on saving up for the rest of the summer so I can purchase skiing equipment in time for this winter. I really miss the high and sensation that only skiing can provide. Since I bought a bike a few months ago, I’ve been riding it everywhere…getting back into shape and more active. Skiing at Moonstone is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager…which was a while ago, sadly. lol

Orko is alive and well, although with the increased space, he seems less and less tolerant of my presence when the mood hits him. He also has acquired a never ending desire to have his belly rubbed by yours truly, which really isn’t so bad, I guess.

What else…? Nothing much that I care to write about on here, I suppose.

OH! I shaved all my hair off and grew a beard. I don’t look unlike this fellow below…

There was no reason for shaving the head save the fact that I was getting sick and tired of taking 20 minutes to do my hair…and having it look like I spent 20 minutes polishing a turd. And the beard was really by accident, when I took a weeks holidays in June, I never shaved…and then decided to keep it. I was kind of shocked at the number of compliments I got…not to mention the number of friends who didn’t recognize me. Eek!

What else…got a new TV back in April. I know it’s a long time ago, but the thing is friggin’ bad ass and you’re jealous – don’t even both processing the thought…you just are.

Shirley Bassey just released a new album. Seriously, this woman…words can’t even express…

That’s all for now. Tips for Retards will be returning shortly. I’ve stocked up on a few…



~ by seangstm on July 26, 2007.

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