Freaky Friday Tuesday Morning

I got up this morning VERY groggily, which was odd considering that I went to bed relatively early. I walked out to the kitchen to have some cereal. I grabbed a bowl from the dishrack and ever so slightly tapped one of the glasses on my drying tray. As the tray is slanted (so it drains, duh) it set off a chain reaction that ended with the last glass sliding right off the end and shattering in the sink; a sink full of unwashed dishes. I decided to not bother cleaning it, but to eat instead because I was more hungry than concerned. I poured some Corn Flakes into the bowl and went to grab the milk from the fridge.


I looked around and saw the milk sitting out on the counter already…as in all night. I was pissed and poured it out into the sink (the sink filled with shards of glass). I had created a creamy, shattered glass concoction that, for a split second, I considered eating. Pausing to mull over such a thought, I decided to take a shower and clean out the broken glass afterwards.
I continued on my morning – drinking coffee, flossing, brushing my teeth, watching Corrie episodes I’d fallen behind on, etc, etc, etc.
I rode my bike to work and walked inside the office. As I turned the corner to my cubicle, there was a card sitting on my keyboard. It was the Department Head’s handwriting…can you be fired via a greeting card?
I ripped it open expecting the worst, but was pleasantly surprised. It read:

“Thank you for all your hard work. Please take 2 days off and enjoy yourself.”

Nice. And coming straight off a long weekend, too. Looks like David might be right

Most kind. My special thanks go out to The Man.

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~ by seangstm on August 7, 2007.

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