Tips for Retards™ – Tip #33

Who ARE these people…?

What is with people who look both ways, make eye contact with me on my bike and then continue walking directly into my path? Is the assumption that the onus is on me to turn? To this I say, “POPPYCOCK!”

If you can’t handle jay-walking PROPERLY, like the rest of the world, I suggest you use the conveniently marked (and located) crosswalks that are present throughout the city for retards like you.

Tips for Retards – Tip #33

When crossing the street, if the act of looking both ways, noticing something coming and then walking anyway is something you engage in regularly, don’t be surprised if people slam on their brakes inches from your fat ass in order to prove a point.
Also, if you need to look at them in disgust as if they’ve done something wrong, please take your right hand, grab your bottom lip and pull it until it envelopes your entire head…then swallow.



~ by seangstm on August 10, 2007.

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