Just came back upstairs from a short trip to the grocery store below my building. I bought a set of chipotle pork steaks because the only meat I have in my apartment is frozen and it’s too much of a hassle to defrost it. I get back up to my apartment and look at the meat…then I notice the best before date.

August 3, 2007.

I bought this on August 13, 2007.

That’s 10 days since it went past due.

You’re seriously telling me those fucking low lifes that work in the grocery store missed it for 10 FUCKING days? Christ – I’m so pissed off right now.

I threw out the steaks because I opened them, thinking that the best before sticker was a typo or something…believe me, they smelled like they were 10 days past the best before date. I’m just apalled that it was still on the store shelf.

I really should have checked in the store, I know…I accept that. But…10 DAYS?! You gotta be kidding me.

I was going to return it since I still had the receipt, but seriously, I doubt I would have gotten my money back – they were open. The store isn’t exactly known for it’s ‘freshness’ unfortunately.

So bummed…and hungry for pork.


~ by seangstm on August 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “LIVID!”

  1. Dude – I got Bratwurst in my freezer – will defrost those for ya if you want!

  2. UPDATE:

    I actually went back down to get different meat (ended up getting 4 FRESH Angus Beef burgers). I checked the other pork steaks and all of them had August 3rd as the expiry date. I told the person restocking the meat department and she was really nice about it, but I couldn’t believe that those steaks had either not been checked since the beginning of the month or they’d been checked and ignored…insanity. She asked if I got a refund and I explained that happened.
    Part of it was so that other people wouldn’t get shafted like I did, but a larger part of my motivation was the satisfaction at pointing out the mistake.

  3. sorry to hear about your bad pork, dirty meat always gets me down đŸ˜¦

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