Vikent, ja!

Greetings one and…one. To the myriad of tens that read this ye ole blog…

This past weekend was a nice one. Stress free (for the most part) and full of chill get togethers. Recently, it has come to my attention that I’m really not that into going out for drinks at bars. Is that wrong? I wondered if it was wrong for the longest time, but I’ve realized that by NOT going to bars to drink, I manage to a) save money, b) avoid drama, c) get up earlier on weekends and d) and e).

It’s not that I necessarily dislike the people I hang with at bars, but I’m trying to save up to buy skiis for this winter. I used to be an avid skiier in highschool – I would venture to say that I was actually quite good. In any event, I want to get back into it because, although expensive, it’s a damn good time. A great way to spend a day with friends who have a similar interest. The prospect of buying skiis, bindings, boots, poles, an appropriate outfit, ski-bag, etc., etc., etc.. is a daunting, not to mention expensive, one.

In keeping, I stuck fairly close to home this weekend, venturing out only to go with Tyler on Saturday morning to IKEA, Crappy Tire and Home Depot. The extended ordeal of retrieving my Zipcar was annoying, but we eventually managed to find it. I picked up tealights; a shower liner; and reflectors, a bell plus a waterbottle with bracket for my bike. T had to get a big coffee table, paint…more important things. I was happy to drive, though, DVP traffic notwithstanding.

Sunday was a lazy one. When I eventually managed to pry myself out of bed, I sat around in my underwear until about 3pm. Headed up to Sky Lounge to play videogames for the rest of the day until BB came on. Seriously, Big Brother 8 is pretty badass thus far.




~ by seangstm on August 20, 2007.

One Response to “Vikent, ja!”

  1. It’s good to have ski buddies… đŸ™‚ I look forward to the season avec toi.

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