This blog entry is brought to you by…
The “Stratolounger Lo-Back”
Every evening of TV dinner munching and boob-tube watching will be
one that doesn’t give you back strain in the Stratolounger Lo-Back.
Available anywhere that fine furniture products are sold.

Just wanted to wish a Happy Belated Birthday to the emoticon!

🙂 Standard Smiley (you are joking; satisfied)
🙂 Standard Smiley for lazy people
,-) Winking Smiley. You don’t mean it, even if you are joking
😉 Winking Smiley. See above
:-> Follows a really sarcastic remark
(-: Left handed Smiley
😦 Sad Smiley. You aren’t joking; You are not satisfied
:< Very Sad Smiley.
:C Very Sad Smiley
:-* Kissing Smiley
:X Kissing Smiley
:-* Kissing Smiley
:- Kissing Smiley
;- I-want-to-kiss-you smiley
:-@ French Kiss
:-)~~(-: French Kiss
:-)~~~~ French Kiss
:-@ Screaming; Swearing
:-() Yelling
XD Laughing hilariously
:^):< Is Naked
>8D Evil or crazed laughter
X) Being mischievous
😀 Laughing
|-I Asleep
:] Talk to me
:OI Mouth Full
:p~~ Drooling
;- Drooling
!o) Winking (Taking a peak)
:{ }: Two people talking
_@/ ascii snail – meaning a slow connection
=:~> Bunny
3< Mouse
<:3)~~~~ Mouse
:O~ Follows a really sarcastic remark
{:V Duck
y Baby bird
(o.o) Owl
3:-o Cow
3:(:) ) Cow
3:@~ Cow grazing
]:(:)) Happy cow
]:(:)( Sad cow
8^ Chicken
:]~~~~~~*Frog catching a fly
____/\___\o/___ Shark
== Turkey
:@) (happy) pig
:8) pig
:©) pig
:(:) ) Happy pig
:(:)( Sad pig
})i({ butterfly
>”-[ [ [ [ ~~~ alligator
> fish
~))))’> possum (large)
~)))’> possum (medium)
~))’> possum (small)
(:-B baby with a and buck teeth
~:O) baby
~:o baby
~(:O baby crying
:^{] father (with mustache)
+:-) doctor
P-( pirate
P^) pirate (with patch over an eye)
P^{) pirate
+-(:-) the pope
+O:-) the pope
+-:-) priest
+:-) priest
+<:-) nun
+O:-) nun
{:o)B->–< model
{:o)b->–< model
+o:-( model
(:)-) scuba diver
[:]-0 scuba diver
[{:-) happy businessman
<]:-o) Goofy witch
<]:-) happy witch
(|:)> Beatnik wearing a baret
O>-</ snowboarder
——>-<o bungee jumping
(>o-< parachute jumping
<¦-) Chinese person
<¦Þ Chinese person sticking out his tongue
C=:-) chef
c):o) cowboy
<):o) cowboy



~ by seangstm on September 20, 2007.


  1. Had no idea there were this many! The French kissing ones are rather creative.

  2. Yeah, I stole it from some other site. lol

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