Tips for Retards™ – Tip #39

This blog entry brought to you by…
The World Book Encyclopedia Collection.
Keeping nerdy children entertained in grocery
stores and markets for going on 50 years.
The World Book Encyclopedia – supreme intelligence
is a simple, alphabetical finger-flip away.*

*information last updated in 1957.

Tips for Retards™ – Tip #39

To the lovely woman who gave me attitude this morning as I attempted to pass on her right as she was walking towards me:

You DO NOT live in England, nor any other European nation. Please see the sidewalk as the foot-powered equivalent of a street – ALWAYS walk on the RIGHT. And if, like you, one happens to be devoid of any human brain capacity whatsoever, take your cues from people who know. Also, don’t give attitude to people who know what the hell they’re doing.




~ by seangstm on October 18, 2007.

One Response to “Tips for Retards™ – Tip #39”

  1. As you can see this pisses me off as well!

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