Online Baffoonery

So on this site I belong to, this dude messaged me ages and ages ago and basically asked if I wanted to screw around with him. I didn’t because a) he only had one picture and b) I’m don’t get wet for manatees. I replied politely (because I always TRY to reply unless someone “woofs” me) and said, “Thanks, man. I appreciate it. I’m not really looking for that, though” So he writes me back:

-Fine, fuck off then-

So I blocked him. A few weeks ago, I was perusing my block list and unblocked everyone coz, well…honestly, I was bored. He writes me today and goes:

-Hey S, I love a thick cock. Wanna get sucked off?-

A) How does he know I can provide him what he’s looking for (there are no wang shots on any of my profiles) and B) didn’t he tell me to “fuck off?” I write him back:

-Oddly enough, I don’t find people who tell me to ‘fuck off’ attractive. Go figure-

And he writes back:

-Sorry S, had a bad night, my friends brother decided to take his own life-

And I reply:

-So you figured you’d go online and cruise? :s-

After a long while, he writes back:

-no, i was looking for some company-

And I reply:

-by offering sex to random strangers?-

And he writes:

-give it a rest. i’m heading off to watch the World Cup Rugby Final. Mike ;)-


Seriously, the winkie at the end made my head explode. lol

So I finally replied with:

-good luck with your mental health issues. and thanks for the ‘excuse.’ apprecaite it.

I’ll be putting you back on the blocked list so I’ll have at least ONE less nutjob messaging me.

Enjoy your game! :)-

Strangely, you can’t block someone on the site until they message you, so technically he’s not blocked until he replies…


So he replies with:

-you are a horrible, nasty man-


So I block him and then write back:

-No, like I said, I’m strangely repulsed by people who tell me to fuck off.

Especially when I was nothing but polite to those people.

I think there may be a lesson in this. What do you think?-



~ by seangstm on October 20, 2007.

One Response to “Online Baffoonery”

  1. I gave him the pictures of your wang! Remember that night of Bombay Sapphire?

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