Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

“Dear Blender,
Won’t you help a first offender?
Oh, toaster
Don’t you put the burn on me…”

Richard O’Brien, Shock Treatment

I am ALL about women’s rights. So much so that I’ve often considered donating my misshapen baby toes to the nearest women’s shelter as pillow filler. However, there are times (not many, mind you) that liberated and empowered women really chap my ass.

I’m at work today and a new employee, a young female of Asian descent, asked me to grab her printer for her from the library (a locked storage cabinet type dealie). So I go and open it up and pick up the printer (a sizeable piece of equipment, roughly the dimensions of a beer cooler – and heavy, too). I place it down in the hall so I can relock the library door. She bends down, grabs it and says, “I can carry this.”
“Oh no, no, no…that’s ok. Let me do it,” I implored her, desperately.
“No, it’s ok.”
So I had to follow this little woman as she carried this printer box, which was over half her size, back to her desk (waving and smiling at the disgusted looks from coworkers as we went – “Pig!”).



~ by seangstm on November 8, 2007.

One Response to “Bitchin’ in the Kitchen”

  1. im sorry, but at that point I would have yelled “look bitch! I went to get it and now Im gona carry it, so get your paws of it before I rip you a new asshole!” I am all for equal rights too but I am convinced women like this keep ass cubes in their meat curtains, next too their very sharpe teeth!!!

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