A Racist Question* About Racism…

*I only call my commentary racist because frankly, it is racist of me to blame someone’s ethnicity for their own allegedly racist behaviour.

We have two part-timers who work in our office – one who has been here for a long time, and is of South Asian (Indian) descent; and another who is very new (only started last week) and is of Eastern European descent.

They share a computer. I don’t think they’ve been sharing it all week since I’ve been out of the office and my PC was probably used. Today, however, upon my return, Eastern European part-timer is using South Asian girl’s computer (who is away today). Using it, though, only after she just spent LITERALLY 15 minutes wiping the machine, the desk, the keyboard, the keyboard rest, the BOOKS ON THE DESK, the FOLDERS CONTAINING MAILING LABELS, the monitor, the phone, etc., etc., etc., down with alcohol wipes.

Racist…or OCD??

Frankly, I find both behaviours (especially based on recent events in my own life) to be completely abhorrent.



~ by seangstm on November 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “A Racist Question* About Racism…”

  1. Sounds like a bit of both – but I’m betting more that she’s obsessive about germs.

    I was about to say that Eastern Europeans can be creepy about other ethnicities, but then I though further and realized that most everyone, like it or not, can be creepy about other ethnicities.

    That sucks – but whatever, you know? Just try not to be a shit-flinging monkey and stuff.

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