Ethel Merman and The Muppets

I know, super gay of me to post this, but it’s fantastic….especially Miss Piggy’s bit. Too funny.


~ by seangstm on April 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “Ethel Merman and The Muppets”

  1. I LOVE THE MUPPETS! My fav Muppet movies are the Muppets take Manhattan and the Muppet Christmas Carol

  2. Funny – Muppets Take Manhatten is my least favourite of the original 3 films. I don’t consider anything after Manhatten to be a TRUE Muppet film, even though they are good. When they started liberally replacing original voices and puppeteers with new people, I lost interest.

    As someone living in England, I don’t think you can truly appreciate the absolutely incredible campfest that is The Great Mupper Caper, my personal fave. Best all around music, story and performances, IMHO.

    And any movie that has Diana Rigg doing COMEDY is a-ok in my book. The woman is a genius.

    “Ah yes, the Fabulous Baseball Diamond – I shall never have it on my person, nor in my possession again. Henceforth it will be on permanent display at the Mallory Gallery…” LOL

    Miss Piggy is fucking brilliant in TGMC, too.

    “Oh Kermie…that was just…silliness.”

  3. Frank Oz did Ethel’s voice too.

  4. Heehee! đŸ˜€

  5. Ok, just so you know Sean, I obviously don’t take the Muppet’s as “serious” as you. No problem. I was just saying that I have seen everything that they have done,as they were huge here in England too for a long time and still are, and my own personal favorite was “Muppet’s take Manhattan”. And “as someone living in England” I think I can actually grasp how camp the great Muppet caper was, I just didn’t like it as much as Manhattan. Everyone is entitled to have a favorite, and all I was saying that Manhattan was mine.

  6. Hmmm…I think you took my comment as a slight against you, which it wasn’t meant to be. My apologies if that’s the case.

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