Question to the Reader(s) of this blog…

Hi all,

I’m kind of disappointed with the lack of versatility of Blogger. I really want the ability to make certain entries private or password protected. Is Livejournal better? Help me!

I have some stuff I’d like to write about but that I don’t want published on the vast interwebs for any Trekkies with red pubic hair to peruse with their one free hand…



~ by seangstm on May 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Question to the Reader(s) of this blog…”

  1. i think you might want to check out wordpress blogging software, i know they have some “password protect” features that blogger doesn’t.

  2. Thanks, Marcos.

    How is your mother doing?

    Congrats on the BC thing, btw. đŸ˜€ Very cool!

  3. Sean, I moved to Word press and I have posts that remain private also. Its great for things like that and it is very cheap for how much space they give you etc. You should give it a go. Hope you and Josh are well đŸ™‚

  4. WordPress has this function both if they host your blog or if you use the software and host your own – there also is a plugin out there that allows you to grant rights to registered users to be able to log in and view posts that you don’t want out there for the casual reader.

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