A Racist Update

This blog entry refers to this previous one “A Racist Question About Racism

So the coworker mentioned in the linked blogpost above comes up to me today and we start shootin’ the shit.  Talking about going to the gym, working out, commuting, etc.

Then she looks at me in the midst of our TTC conversation, moves in a little closer and says, “You know, I hate to say this, but Pakis…you know, Pakis?”

“Uh…yeah?” I replied.

“Well, on the bus, the Pakis always smell.  I don’t know if they hang their clothes over the stove or what, but they all smell of curry.”

“Ah…well…um…I mean, I find everyone smells on the bus during the summer, regardless of nationality.”

“Really?  I find it’s only the Pakis.”


“Oh,” she moves in even closer, “and the Chinese people.”


“The Chinese people always push you out of the way.  I think it’s because in their country if you don’t push people out of the way on the subway, you won’t get on.  It’s not like I blame them.”

“No, of course not.”

“It’s a cultural thing.”

“Well, I’ve never found people to be pushy on the subway, but that could be down to my size.”


There were a few awkward lingering moments of conversation until it finally returned to working out.  I smiled and nodded, half annoyed at myself for not calling her out on her totally racist outlook and half amused at her aggressive ignorance.

I’m going to hell.


~ by seangstm on May 9, 2008.

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