“Baby…you got REAL ugly…”

So J and I went to see “Evil Dead: The Musical” on Friday night. Our seats were just outside the “Splatter Zone” (in which audience members are warned that they WILL be drenched in fake blood). Par example…

The show was an absolute hoot from start to finish and actually made Evil Dead, Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn and the final installment, Army of Darkness, funnier than the films. Although horror/comedies, the movies are still quite gruesome in a couple parts, but the stage production was campy, over-the-top gory fun for the whole family…well, maybe not the whole family.

The music was amazing, also – clever, witty and self-referential, as you would expect. I would actually pay to go see it again. 🙂

I highly recommend everyone go see it, but be sure to watch the three movies beforehand to get the entire experience. The storyline is a compilation of the first and second films, with several one-liners lifted from Army of Darkness. The only real change to the plot is that Ash doesn’t get sucked into the climactic vortex at the end (which lands him in medieval England, the set-up for Army of Darkness). All of the performers were top notch, especially TENJA HAGENBURG, ALISON SMYTH and MIKE “NUG” NAHRGANG.


~ by seangstm on May 20, 2008.

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