You know your film blows
When shitty Shia Leboof
Has the one good role


~ by seangstm on May 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Haiku Movie Review™ – INDIANA JONES and THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL”

  1. A more in-depth review coming soon…

  2. No matter how hard work Karen Allen has done as an actress in Hollywood now, you have to wondered to yourself how is she able to handle so much success over the years while struggling doing something else creative like being a knitwear designer and making a national come back onto the big screen as Marion Ravenwood ? Well the answer is this, she hasn’t changed since Raiders Of The Lost Ark, she’s much older and more wiser than Harrison Ford who is incredible shape being as Indy of course but together as a love – hated couple whom often argued a lot from their recent past but then again they became more lovable at the same time . When I watched what Karen Allen does on this particular movie is she has a different way to become more active involved to provide enough power and strength as well as full confidence within Marion Ravenwood herself while creating a much different approached on how she is able to be physical and capable of doing something that is way outrageous than the first film . I think Karen Allen is just a woman who got it under control as well as having fun working with Harrison Ford and the entire cast and being with both Steven Spielberg and George Lucas doing this film as well . I’m very impressed by how they can provide a much similar entertainment action film compared with other Hollywood actors or actresses like Kathleen Turner or perhaps Julia Roberts themselves whom can’t provide their own physical training on doing any stunts work onto these action films better than Karen Allen and Harrison Ford together uniting as one force . I think if there’s going to be another Indy 5 in the works, Karen Allen should have her own fight scene for once and let’s see if she can become more physical of fighting against a double agent Asian self trained martial artist at a night club will be a good one though come on now !

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